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AuthorI currently work for a Bank on Wall Street in NYC where I am the Integration Manager responsible for providing Internet solutions for all business needs. As with most people I am constantly seeking a satisfying career which will pay the bills, allow me to work on interesting projects and enable me to take time off to spend with the kids etc. etc.

My passion is the Internet and although I am fortunate to have a full time career in this field I don’t have all the liberties to help others achieve their goals and in some cases their dreams.

I am dedicating this Blog to help others! I will attempt to simplify some complex topics of discussions for those of you interested in the Internet with everything from ‘What is the Internet?’ to ‘How do I maximize my profits?’, my goal is to author a collection of articles that readers can comment on and in turn I can expand on those topics and connect other users willing to share their expertise.

I have been in technology for over 30 years. During my professional career I have had several successful web sites ranging from designing web sites to selling products online and everything in between. I look forward to writing these articles and your constructive feedback!



email: bf0@hotmail.com

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