China owns U.S. Retail

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


We’ll keep this one quick. All I can say is that if you’re looking to sell a “box of rocks”, all you have to do is check on and or and you’ll find it for say $1.99 as an example.. After shipping to the U.S. (assuming you buy 200 boxes as an example) it will cost you approximately $2.49 per box.


Here lies the problem, typically a retailer or reseller would sell that box for $5.00 and earn 100% profit (ie. 2x purchase price). Unfortunately, nowadays – China has satellite connections throughout the U.S. and their hooks are buried in the likes of and What does this mean for us?

Well, here is the sad reality.. As a retailer I search, and several other online sites (all brokers for Chinese, Indian as well as other manufacturers) for that “box of rocks” and that box that I wanted to sell in America now wholesales for $4.00 a box on Amazon. (try it for yourself with any product)
What does this mean?  At the moment I’ve only seen this problem with China which is why the title of this article is what is is (subject to change). It really means that the U.S.A. is being penetrated by immigrants that are receiving really cheap products from different countries which enable them to monopolize Amazon and all U.S. Retail companies because it enables a direct connection from foreign manufacturer to local consumer! Let’s pay attention to how the current Administration will handle this issue.


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