Google+ vs. Facebook, which is the best for me?

By Brendan Fitzpatrick


Is Google Plus or Facebook for me? The answer is simple, “it depends on what you’re looking to do with your social life”. The internet is evolving every day, social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook are changing even faster.

As of today there are clear advantages and disadvantages of every social networking site out there, over

time I suspect each will offer new services and they will begin to look more and more like each other until the bigger ones buy up the others simply for their user base. You can’t say this for many Google products but for Google+ they are the newest (significant) player on the box, I won’t attempt to include the top 10 social networking sites, for this discussion I will include 3 top players to get my point across. Facebook is the classic network to communicate with Friends and Family, not everyone likes to communicate with all of their friends and family so many people still don’t have a Facebook account (including myself!). is a great way to separate friends and family from your work life so it will likely be the place to manage your work contacts for the near future. Google+ on the other hand is relatively new, not many friends or family tend to use it (at least compared to Facebook). Google+ is like Facebook on steroids as far as controls go and privacy go.. very easy to learn and manage.. However, although you may not have nearly as many friends and family on Google+ it is a network that you must be on if you want to meet people with same interests. It is ideal for bloggers, businesses, websites, companies and individuals that want to connect with anyone other than friends, family and co-workers. For now it makes sense to have 3 separate accounts (Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn) but I predict that Google+ will slowly eat at Facebook’s market share until either company comes up with a must have feature that sways a larger portion of the market.

If you’re a new company or blogger then Google+ is a must  while there are so many advantages and opportunities it has to offer while it is not over saturated.

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