How much are keywords worth?

By Brendan Fitzpatrick


I’m going to intentionally keep this topic short for now, not because it’s a simple topic but because it’s one of the most complex and deserves an expanded conversation another time. In this publication I will touch on some key topics to get you thinking – and when I have extra time I will revisit and dig deep into each topic.

You’re probably thinking, “what kind of profit should I expect from my clicks?” or “is it worth it to pay $100 for 1000 clicks?” or “should I pay $50 for a banner ad that will receive 50,000 page views per month?”.. Before you can determine if it’s worth spending money for hits you have to figure out how much you can afford to spend and then find the highest click through solution for your situation. For example, if you are selling mortgage loans you can expect a profit in the $1000’s if not 100’s of $1000’s over several years, compared to selling office supplies where you earn $1.25 per stapler.. You can spend $10 per click and as long as you were getting 1 sale per 1,000 clicks it would be worth it if you were selling mortgage loans.. where if you were selling staples you would lose money starting with the first click..

You need to figure out “what do I have?”, “how much is it worth to spend on advertising per unit?” and “what advertising vehicle works best for me?”.  In the next publication on this topic I will dig into the various solutions to give you ideas on what options may work best for you. I will discuss everything from natural search results, natural hits to paid advertising using google adwords, affiliate ads, paid banner advertisements and more. I will also touch on why google adwords “won’t work for some products!”.

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