Know what you don’t know!

Ashton Kutcher – wasn’t (keyword “wasn’t”) someone I would ever think of looking to for entrepreneur experience but I will say that after seeing him on SharkTank and reading some of his Blogs and principles that I don’t think I could agree more with his approach. Granted, he’s an investor with $millions I believe there is alot that the average entrepreneur can learn from this article ->

This article highlights that it’s not always about math equations and immediate returns. If you believe in your product/solution it might not be a fit for all investors but there might be an investor out there that will believe in you.  Consider this statement:

“I’m not proactively funding at different stages. I’m proactively funding brilliant people trying to solve hard problems.” .. Ashton Kutcher

I believe that every entrepreneurial idea has its place. The biggest problem that I’ve had that I suspect that most entrepreneurs have is either communicating and ‘validating’ their solution OR putting together a proper business plan that will attract the right investor. They say that ‘you have to be in it to win it” which every entrepreneur would probably “think” that they’re “in it” but the reality is that most entrepreneurs either think that their idea is too valuable to bring anyone in (legal, engineering, investors etc.) but the fact is that if you do not bring in help that you’re idea will likely never get off the ground!

I’m guilty of my own preaching but the one thing that I “KNOW” is that I do know alot about what I don’t know. I know that I cannot market my ideas, I know that I cannot patent my ideas (securely) and I know that I am paranoid of telling people my ideas .. but at the same time – I do realize that I must make a leap of faith and as long as one of my ideas does something – hopefully it will fund my other ideas..

Don’t ever think that you know more than others or you’re doomed to fail. Try to be willing to make a leap of faith and I would love to hear the experiences of entrepreneurs experiences, good or bad!



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