My site receives alot of hits, how do I make money?

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick



My website gets alot of hits but I haven’t made much money, what’s wrong? Well, this is the key to everything – if there was an answer for everyone then everyone would make alot of money! .. Here are some tips:

If you receive let’s say 100 visitors per day then you should be able to make a couple of dollars per day, depending on your industry you should be able to make $10 per day ($300/month) and if you’re not then perhaps you haven’t hooked up with the best affiliate service or maybe you’re not advertising the best products for your web site.

First, you should explore our SEO Tips article, second you need to make sure that your hosting provider provides the necessary tools for you to be successful, check out shopify, the best storefront shop that we’ve found so far.

Anywho, if you’re making over $275 per month it may make sense to build your own website and focus on SEO. There is no reason to sell you’re ad space for %4 up to %7 when you can earn up to %20 using an affiliate program or earn even more by selling product directly either by dropshipping or wholesaling to your visitors!

I’ve been able to quadruple my profits simply by drop shipping 3 products. If you have a ‘hot seller’ then you need to search for someone who sells it cheaper (more sales) with a higher referral fee (profit)!

More experiences coming soon!

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