Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Simple Guide!

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


SEO made simple!
Simple SEO

InternetInReview is finally working on ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Simple Guide’ for every situation, whether you’re a newbie, have advanced experience or simply a website owner that wants to do everything that you can to get a leg up on your competitor!

We plan to address 10 major topics from quality HTML design, cross-browser compatibility, competitor analysis and more. Now you might ask, there are unlimited resources on the Internet to dive into each topic and you would be correct, so why pay attention to our Guide? Well, wel’ll keep it simple, we’ve been lucky enough to have several successful websites when it comes to organic search engine traffic but we didn’t stop there. The premise to InternetInReview is that we reverse engineer and share our experiences with our readers so if you’re reading this then you’re in luck!

Follow our blog for updates, we promise to provide informative information that you can use to improve (or as we like to think – maximize) your Internet presence. When it comes to ‘online presence’, we like to compare it to real life experiences so let’s compare it go Golf.

In the game of Golf there are several simple steps that you should follow to improve your game:

  1. Take a breath of fresh air as approach the Tee box
  2. Bend your knees
  3. Align your ball (arms out 90% straight, not 100%)
  4. Keep your eyes on the ball
  5. Slow your swing down and strike the ball

You might ask, what does Golf have to do with SEO? in practice there’s not much – BUT, in concept it’s all the same. You see, at one point SEO was all about content (the more keywords you had the better), however – today, SEO is all about your presence and how you practice it – it has evolved into the Golf experience. Follow the basics and you’ll improve with time. SEO is not an overnight process – but following the basics – as in Golf – you will maximize your improvements over time.

Today, Search Engine algorithms have advanced so far that it’s more about what you’re doing than what you have done. Let’s use Google for example, today you can have a website that references a specific keyword more than any other website on the Internet. 10 years ago you would likely show up on the first page of Google but today you might not. Why? In our Guide you will learn why.

Our Guide will be designed to outline the simple steps that you need to continually follow on a regular basis to make your way onto the first page of Google and stay there. Nowadays, SEO is more about constant updates and quality content than ever before, gone are the days of simply publishing the most keywords.

We’ll dig into Content Quality, Social Media publishing, Relevance and Features that you should offer your visitors on a regular basis to keep up with and surpass your competitors. Our Guide will be written in a way that makes sense to you and when you follow it for just 2 or 3 weeks you will begin to see maximum benefits. As in Golf:

  • Take a breath of fresh air as approache the Tee box
  • Bend your knees
  • Align your ball (arms out 90% straight)
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Slow your swing down and strike the ball

The Guide will offer pictorials, action items and recommendations for tools to manage your online presence. It will also share our experiences on how to compete with with Free Shipping solutions and how to procure products from China while being competitive (which is not nearly as simple as it has been in the past). We intend to publish a Summary of our Guide of each chapter on so follow us over the next several weeks to learn about our SEO Best Practices.

Future posts will include a summary about:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Simple Guide! (Chapter XX – Subject)

Bonus: The first 10 followers to this Blog will receive a copy Free of our Guide!



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