SEO Tip of the day : follow my friends site analysis

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Okay, so you have a website and you’re wondering why you’re not receiving many (or any) hits?? Here is a basic analysis which you can buy for your own site for just $5 here.

In the interest of privacy I won’t provide the URL of this site but I will provide as many details as possible.. I was recently contacted by an old friend who moved from NYC to Las Vegas who has nothing in common as far as business goes.. Luckily for him he has a webite and I am proficient in SEO. Unlucky for him is the fact that he has no internet presence.

I hate telling people what I do because 99% of the time they don’t understand so I’m usually the one that ends up frustrated.. in this case however, I was determined to help him as a close friend.

What did I do? Simple! and without him knowing it! I immediately I asked him for his website URL, from there it was as simple as it gets. I immediately looked at his source code (google – view source).. All of his problems were on my screen in front of me.. he didn’t have:

-Meta Tags – keywords, description, title

-alt tags on his images

I took it to the next step and confirmed the following:

-the site had no content / articles

-no backlinks

-no about us page,no sitemap.xml page

I immediately stopped in the middle of my analysis and realized that there wasn’t a particular item that I could’nt help him with.. Yes I could fix his Meta tags and content but I couldn’t build his social presence or ensure that his content was relevent or updated periodically or that I could recommend how to catpure his audience (after all I didn’t claim to be an insurance expert so I didn’t know the message that his visitors were looking for!)..

The bottom line is that if you want to have an internet presence then YOU must be the expert in the service that you provide and YOU must be willing to at least understand SEO on your own. Remember! – Bad SEO can destroy your internet presence so you must be able to speak ‘SEO Language’ with your SEO consultant or provider. Don’t leave it to your SEO guy or you may be wasting your time!

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