SEO Tip of the day : Back Links

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


If you haven’t read our article on ‘What is Google’s secret formula?‘ then you may want to read it first! Our tip today is on ‘Backlinks’, one of the many areas of SEO that you need to master if you want to rank your sit high in the search engines.

Why are quality backlinks important? and why are bad backlinks ‘Bad’? The easiest way to look at this is from a social perspective – think about your favorite actor or sports athlete, usually they are your favorite because of the good publicity around them or their achievements. The more news articles or positive stories about them that exist usually draws more fans. The more negative new articles or negative stories about them usually bring out the negative comments and negative publicity.. In a digital world, websites work the same.. with a twist!

If you have a positive article on or you are offering something new with a ‘WOW’ factor – in general Google will rank you in a positive way.. Conversely, if there is a negative article or rating or ‘BAD’ factor Google now has the ability to rank you accordingly.. So, simply said – the more that you are associated with ‘positive’ websites the better your site will perform and vice versa.

What does this mean? Stop submitting your site to generic directories for backlinks! Nowadays it take many hours just to find a single site that is willing to link (ie. backlink) to your site.

For the first time ever, I am thoroughly convinced that most websites cannot be successful without 2 people.. the first being a ‘content provider’ – whether that be something for sale or information to provide something interesting.. the second – most importantly is an SEO representative that will focus full time on making your site/content/objective relevant with unique content, infographics and marketing campaigns.

So what’s the final scoop? If you don’t live, eat and breath what you do and if you don’t love it then it’s getting harder and harder to use the internet to your advantage.. The bottom line? Focus on one idea and dedicate your life to it until you figure out if it works or not..!!! and if you’re not willing to learn HTML and SEO then good luck – that’s like saying ‘I like fishing and I’m going to buy a boat to go fishing but I’m not going to learn how to sail just because’… Pointless!

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