SEO TIP : Trick of the day – internal links

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Okay, this it not really a trick but it’s more valuable than a trick! I’m sure you clicked on a link to this article because you want to do something better for your website today without doing a ton of work or paying alot of money for results…

Okay, the tip of today is ‘internal site links’. The easiest way to understand this is to look at any articles on your site, if you don’t have any then create some asap! If you do then make sure that keyword phrases are linked to somewhere else on your site..

Why? I didn’t realize this until recently but Google definitely rates links higher than content.. that is – if you have content on your site such as ’10th birthday gift idea’ it will compete with the other 10 million or so sites that contain the same text.. However, if ’10th birthday gift idea’ is a link to a page it will rank much higher because it is a link to more detailed content vs. simply pure text.

There is no way to calculate the benefit of converting text/content to links and I’m sure that if you convert all of your content to links that it will do more harm that good BUT if you find the right balance you can easily increase your rankings significantly!

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