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I will publish a series of articles on the basics of every aspect of the Internet and how things work..

Why? My background is fairly broad related to many Internet technologies, part of the reason I like to blog is to record my experiences for my own reference but I primarily like to discuss my experiences with others because in many cases there are more than one way to accomplish something on the internet. In many cases there are easier ways to accomplish what I’m looking to do so I look forward to learning more from the discussions that my blogs may kick off.

For reference in case you are interested in a free blog/article to help your current situation, my accomplishments include –

-building websites that receive over a million unique visitors per year

-earning over $1,000/month from Google Adsense and Amazon.com

-earning over $100/hr from fixing websites and building new ones (I use eLance.com and craigslist.org to find these opportunities)

-I’ve written scripts to email me newly available domain names with certain criteria (#letters, keywords) and have resold them for $100’s.. I’ve been offered up to $7,500 and have turned them down

-I own over 50 domain names

-I create simple and complex websites using hand written PHP (LAMP technologies) so I have alot of lessons learned

-I’ve built storefronts from scratch (I don’t use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails) so I can speak to the benefits and pros and cons of each solution

-I’ve had my own servers in a datacenter but I now use a managed service

-I have an engineering degree so I love technical discussions


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By Brendan Fitzpatrick


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