What products to sell on the internet?

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Hello all,

It’s been a while since my last blog but I’m back! I have a few topics in mind that I will be blogging about soon but there’s one topic that hit home recently that I felt like I had to say something.. What products sell well on the internet?

Well, what products sell on the internet? How many websites have you seen selling a single product earned someone a living? Perhaps an infomercial? A homeshopping type product? The bottom line? It’s extremely difficult to find single products that sell well, much less multiple single products that are related that sell well in a storefront. Your best bet is to think at a higher level and find a class of products that sell well. For example, think about selling ‘music’, ‘auto parts’, ‘holiday gifts’, ‘animal products’.. A category of products will give you 1000’s of products to sell.

Most importantly, thinking on the category level will give you 1000’s of products to test with, unlimited articles to write about (ie. keyword phrases to be picked up by Search Engines) and the variety that your visitors are looking for.

So when you Google ‘what to sell on the internet’ and you see results that are specific to single product ideas you are limiting yourself severely. You have to keep yourself a step ahead of Google results.

I hope this makes sense, any questions or comments please comment!

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