Top Rated Portable Wireless Chargers in 2020

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Hey Alexa, “What’s the best wireless portable wireless charger in 2020?”

Every couple of years I come across a new technology worth exploring, this is the first that I’m writing about one – Portable Wireless Chargers. Why? Because ever since I decided to lease my Samsung S8 Plus it’s been a ‘hot’ technology ..  Yes, I did say ‘lease’, don’t ask.

As with the invention of the microwave as well as WiFi and Cellular antenna’s, I have shied away from wireless charging. The way I look at it is, although a microwave may only have a 0.000001% chance of affecting you – if I did my numbers right – this means that 1 out of a million people may get cancer as a result of using one. My numbers may be skewed, but they’re certainly not far off..  I think you get the picture. The same as I do with my microwave, I stand away from my wireless charger while my phone is charging.. Paranoia, maybe? Safety first? Yes! BTW – I have a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. Not that this makes me an expert in radiation effects – one thing that I do know is that workers that support wireless antennas on cellphone towers – they are prohibited from being within a certain distance to them while they are tunred on.

Regardless of my digression, a few months after I leased my Samsung S8 Plus, my wired USB-C connection failed on me. Since then, I have always been able to get away with my wall connected wireless charger, until my recent vacation to Disney. Wow, did this make me re-think how reliable my communication devices (ie. cellphone) were, so I looked into portable wireless chargers and have learned alot since.

I’ll save the technical details for my new website,, but in effect – I have uncovered several solutions for those in need of a portable wireless charger solution that you’ll want to read up on our website. Follow us on Social Media and we’ll be sure to post an update when our new site goes live so that you can explore the latest solutions for your QI enabled wireless chargeable devices!

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