4 point infographic : the key to successful advertising

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


The keys to a successful advertising campaign are simple, it’s all about simplicity, direct to the point, eye catching and relevance. Sticking to this rule of thumb I will provide examples of great examples of simple, to the point, eye catching and relevant ads!

1. Starting with simplicity – do not clutter your ad banners with too much info or too many graphics or you will turn off potential visitors or worse, confuse them. Try to stick to a single primary graphic. The primary graphic is the most important piece to your ad ad it account for more than 50% of the ads eye appeal, in many cases it can account for up to 90% of the eye appeal (ie. the reason why people click on the ad).

2. Make sure that your ads are direct to the point, ie. don’t beat around the bush and don’t say what you’re trying to say with too many words. Focus on catch phrases, keep your message to 10 words or less, the best ads are those that people don’t have to spend time reading and cause a ‘Wow’ moment.

3. Keep your ads ‘eye catching’, what does this mean? Don’t use overly dramatic colors, use primary ads that capture the message that you want to convey. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential visitors, what would you click on? Keep your message exciting, offer something new and different even if it’s just a perspective.

4. THE most important aspect to your ads is that they absolutely must be relevant or you’re wasting your time. For example, if you are advertising ‘Sports scores’ which links to a web page that only has basketball scores you are wasting 90% of the incoming traffic that you might draw .. Be specific, in your ad you will want to advertise ‘basketball scores’ instead of ‘sports scores’. SPEAK TO YOUR AUDIENCE! A good way to know if you’re on track is to rid your mind of anything about the topic of the ad and view/read the ad that you come up with (pretend you are a newbie to the topic).. ask yourself, does the ad make sense? is it targeted to what I’m looking to provide? is it confusing in any way?

Here are 2 examples of ads following the general rules of thumb discussed in this article:

WHAT DO I DO Personalized An (1)

In both ads you’ll find a single main image which takes up 90% of the ad. Both ads are simple, neither are cluttered with too many images (point #1).

Both ads are direct to the point, the first has a message of ‘what do I do with my dress?’ and the second ‘Personalized Anniversary Gifts that are sure to impress’ in simple text.

Both ads are eye catching, the images are thought provoking.

Finally, both images are relevant and each has a line of text to reinforce the relevancy. The first includes ‘Article’ so that you know exactly what the ad is about – ‘an article on what to do with my anniversary dress’ and the next is a description of what to expect when it comes to ‘Personalized Anniversary Gifts’ .. -> ‘Browse photos of Gift Ideas’.

Conclusion: it is okay to include additional elements into your advertisements but you do want to keep them as simplified, to the point, eye catching and as relevant as possible!

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