How to make money on the internet!

By Brendan Fitzpatrick


Start small! Try selling an old pair of shoes on ebay, or trying giving something away for free on Try a variety of different products and determine what piques your interest. Find products that don’t require large inventory, Drop Shipping services are an ideal way of starting an online business. Be careful of Drop Shipping companies, you can’t trust all of them – especially the ones that require you to pay to open an account to sell their products, try dealing directly with manufacturers.

If you opt for  a company called, their claim to fame is that they are the largest Drop Shipping company out there with the most products. I’ve made several hundred dollars with them however I found myself refunding more orders than fulfilling because they were always out of stock! They are simply too big without having the means to manage the inventory of the 1000’s of distributors that supply to them and they charge for any useful tools required to manage any aspect of inventory.

I’ve sold cars on, computers on, domain names on auction sites and many products on various storefronts and custom e-commerce sites. I’ve also made good money designing websites by getting business off various consulting sites as well as good money off of affiliate marking (ads on my high traffic web sites). There’s no single piece of advise that can be given that will make you successful because there’s usually a new or different way of executing that can bring you more profits. Jump into as many profit generating opportunities as possible and enjoy the ride .. be careful not to get ripped off.


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