I’m done giving Facebook money for Ads

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Well well well.. I’ve briefly touched on this topic in the past but my recent experiences have driven me to post at least an update with perhaps a new or different perspective. As mentioned in a previous article, paying close to $1 per click (or visit) is pretty much what it comes down to on most mainstream ocial Media sites. Given the fact that a very small percentage of click through traffic actually turn into a sale, well – what does that man to you? Let’s dig deeper!

Let’s assume that 3 percent of the click through traffic (which may be a high assumption depending on the topic of interest) actually buys something. Well then, a little reverse engineering will tell you that it costs you $100 to make 3 sales. This in turn means that you better be making $33.33 profit per sale just to break even. As you can see (or calculate), mainstream advertising on the Internet is not for every product!

As I’ve always said, if you want to remove all risks with this equation – just sell mortgages because even if it costs $100 for a click on average (which I don’t think is even possible) – if you even made 1 sale per 100 clicks ($10,000 per 100 clicks) you would make a fortune (multiply the loan amount approximately by 2 to estimate your profit margins).

Let’s get back to reality.. I’m not here to tell you which business opportunities work – I’m here to point you in the right direction based on your business to understand if Facebook Ads will work for you. I could be wrong but based on my experience and many discussions with other Advertisers, unless your profit margins are above $100 per sale then you really, REALLY need to proceed with Internet Ads with Extreme Caution!

We’re currently working on an article which discusses “What are the Best options for Website Advertising” which you may find surprising, with all of the non-technical recommended solutions! We’ll post the update here for those that are interested.

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