Tasklists! What’s the best app across Platforms?

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Now that I have more time on my hand as a self employed Technologist and online retailer (ie. I sell products online while exploiting SEO) I’m constantly trying to improve my discipline. It’s funny that this article popped up in my news feed but it hits home in many ways, definitely worth the read: How the Most Insanely Self-Disciplined People Create Shocking Results in Life.

Since being able to focus on my online stores I quickly realized that I need an app to track my Goals to make sure that I’m making progress and to see how much or how little progress I make over a period of time. I thought I’d fairly easily be able to find a Tasklist or To-do app to manage this aspect of my life but to my surprise I haven’t found the right app. My requirements are simple:

  1. Record a start date
  2. Describe the goal at hand
  3. Record an expected completion date
  4. Report on progress
  5. Alert me of expected completion dates as they near or overdue dates
  6. Allow for extensions of expected completion dates (ie. record reason for delays)
  7. Report on overall Tasks (# of Tasks completed by dates, %complete of open tasks etc.)

After downloading 15 or so Tasklist and ToDo apps (and re-entering my tasks each time!) I am convinced that the exact solution doesn’t exist for my requirements. Perhaps a Project management solution exists that satisfies my requirements but I still haven’t come across a ‘simple’ app that works across platforms (ie. cell phone, pc, laptop etc.) so I’m seriously considering building this simple app myself.

Does this type of app with the requirements provided interest anyone? Has anyone found a solution that fulfills most of these requirements or are you managing your own cumbersome spreadsheets to fulfill these requirements? Comments and Feedback  in the comments sections is appreciated. “Like” this article if you’re in the same boat as me and I’ll be sure to provide regular updates until I find the right solution or develop one that works for both of us!

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