How to Master SEO, tips and tricks for all.

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


As you may already know, you can find several articles on how to take advantage of SEO for your niche idea. I also have a few articles to put things in perspective based on the industry that you are in. This article is for the beginner! Instead of offering advice to existing products or solution advisers, this article will attempt to highlight the basics of a successful idea before the idea is set in motion.. Interested or even confused? Read on…

So, we are all familiar with directing traffic to high value areas of our sites, but how do we increase traffic to our site? This is the age old question that has been solved time and time again.. Luckily, social media provides us with the ability to mimic the social aspect of life. What does this mean? Well, it means alot of things.. if you are looking for alot of traffic it comes down to unique, relative and frequent content updates. Most important, content is not just what is on your web site, content is also the banners and graphics on your site.. more importantly, your content is the banners that you create and post on social networks to increase your social following. It really does come down to eye appeal and the message that you are trying to deliver.

With this said, what are the tips and tricks to Master SEO? It’s certainly not rocket science, the things you need to consider are: product being offered, website description tags, keywords, content and social presence. The most important of all is ‘keywords’, it’s easy for anyone to generate 100 keywords for any product or service being offered. However, the more keywords you product or service offers the more chances are that you will appear on the top pages of the search engines.. keywords, keywords, keywords – are critical to your success.

Most industries are oversaturated with ‘keywords’ but most still have tons of potential. You need to be ahead of your competitors, so how do you accomplish this? Most searches are very specific while most websites are very general. For example, alot of people search for cars, hotels, birthdays, anniversaries which is nearly impossible for a new site to show up in the top 100 results. This might seem to be an impossible task for anyone to solve but it’s actually fairly simple. Most people don’t search for general information.. for example, how many times do YOU search for ‘birthday gift’, maybe never! You are more likely to searh for ’25th birthday gift’ so that the results are meaningful to you! This is known as a ‘search phrase’ which opens up a new opportunity for all. How often do you think someone searches for ‘for mustang’ vs. ‘1968 ford mustang’?

The more that you can focus your visitors on a specific topic, the higher CTR you will have. Whatever business you are in you need to consider if you can capitalize one ‘keyword phrases’ instead of ‘keywords’

My last tip, consider if you can add years or decades pre-pended to your current keywords. For example, what makes more sense -> “wedding anniversary” or “6th wedding anniversary”? The later will receive tons of traffic highly targeted which will boost traffic..

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