Always have a Cause for Success!

By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


It might sound crazy but ALOT of people like to support a cause vs. just buying a product online. Whether it’s a Health Issue or Social Cause that caused you to sell online to begin with, make sure that your intended audience knows that!

I recently opened an E-commerce site called and although we haven’t received many orders (yet) we have a really positive outlook on our About Us page. We have no doubt that this our cause will be a wave (small or big) that we can ride over time. People are more inclined nowadays to support a good cause and they are willing to pay a couple of extra dollars knowing that their money is going to a Good cause then just ordering online.

Another good example of a cause that people will support is ‘Made in the USA’. For lack of a greater cause, it’s a ‘feel good’ cause which is an entire Market in itself. When talking ‘socially’, people are generally looking for ‘good’ reasons why they should purchase an item online so don’t underestimate the power of the ‘Cause’!

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